Active vs. Passive FTP: A quick run-down on the differences and uses of Active and Passive FTP modes

Install Cygwin Cron Service on Windows Server: How to install and configure the Cygwin Cron Daemon as a service on Windows Server.

Running Cygwin Scripts as Scheduled Tasks in Windows: Run Cygwin programs and Bash scripts as scheduled tasks on Windows without installing the Cron demon as a Windows Service..

The Random Quote Generator: Generate some dynamic content for your web-site using Javascript. This example details my Random Quote Generator and gives an explanation as to how it works.

Restoring the Registry of a Windows 2000/2003 Server that will not boot: How to restore a corrupt registry file on a Windows 2000/2003 server that will not boot. Includes details on how to boot to, and install the Windows Server Recovery Console.

Running a *.reg File at Logon: How to load new values into the registry using a *.reg file when a user logs on to Windows

Disable ClearType in Windows 7: This a how-to detailing how you can disable clear-type anti-aliasing on Windows 7.

Change the default System Fonts in Windows 7: This a how-to detailing how you can change the default fonts through-out Windows 7.

Windows Server: Configure an Executable to Run as a Service: How to configure an executable to run as a service on Windows Server.

Windows XP - Disable USB Mass Storage using Group Policy: How to disable and re-enable USB Mass Storage Devices on Windows XP using Active Directory and Group Policy Objects.

Nortel Meridian Telphone System Notes: Notes on Setting-up and Configuring Nortel Meridian Telephone Systems including how to access your system using rlogin.

HP Printing Notes: Notes on HP print devices including, reviving dead 610/615n EIO JetDirect Cards and, Faulting Modules ZSR.DLL and hpzpnp.dll causing print spoolers to crash.

TRLE, The Tomb of Thutmose: Custom Tomb-Raider Level, 'The Tomb of Tutmose'.

Sage Line 50 Notes: Notes on Sage Software, including the common errors "USERNAME is already logged on MACHINE_NUMBER" and "You have provided an invalid logon" when you haven't...

Ubuntu - Orginal Ambiance and Radiance Themes: The original Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) Ambiance and Radiance themes repackaged so that they can be installed along-side the later versions without conflicts.

Microsoft Windows Terminal Server Notes: Notes about Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers 2000 & 2003, including License Service failures, Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration, Session Auditing & Logging and installing Microsoft Office 2000.

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